Home Inspection Robbinsville, NJ

For all inspection needs, Duke Home Inspection Services provides accurate and cost-effective reports to keep your home safe and sound. We have been providing inspections to the Robbinsville, NJ area for more than 30 years, are certified by top industry associations and utilize the best technology. Whether you’re buying a new home or simply want to know how your current one is, our team will thoroughly inspect the entire home and give you a detailed report. Call us today to schedule any inspection you need, including home, termite, radon and end-of-warranty checkup.

Home Inspector

Stay on top of your home’s condition with a home inspection from an InterNACHI-certified technician. Our home exams cover your roof, attic, plumbing, electrical and more to locate any potential deterioration or issues with the home. We strive to be clear for our customers, which is why we invite them to join their inspector during the process and receive information along the way. Following the inspection, you will receive an easy-to-read report detailing any issues found, their severity and recommendations of contractors to complete necessary repairs. Schedule your inspection today to know your house is in great condition.

Radon Inspection

Safety is our top priority, which is we offer radon tests to the Robbinsville, NJ community. Radon is a radioactive, toxic chemical that can often be found in homes. It is also odorless and colorless, which means detecting this carcinogenic toxin is best left to experienced professionals. These exams are relatively quick and can be added to a normal home inspection. Keep your family, pets and yourself by scheduling a radon test today with Duke Home Inspections.

Termite Inspection

No one wants a bug infestation, but a termite infestation might be the worst. These pests can cause huge damage to a home’s structure, costing homeowners thousands. Keep your home and wallet sound with a termite inspection from Duke Home Inspection Services. Termites, like other wood-destroying insects, are best found early, if at all, to eliminate future damage. Call or click now to schedule an appointment and keep your home in great condition.