Home Inspection Freehold, NJ

The best home requires the best inspection. With an expert home inspection in Freehold, NJ from Duke Home Inspection, you will be aware of any issues your new home will present. Our team offers home inspections, radon tests, termite inspections and end-of-warranty checkups to ensure every aspect of the home is addressed. We provide easy-to-read reports and clear communication from our inspectors to help homeowners fully understand the condition of their house. Call us today to schedule your home’s inspection.

Home Inspector

Using only the best technology and user-friendly reports, we provide customers confidence when buying a home with thorough home inspections. Our inspectors examine every area of the home, including attics, basements, wiring and vents, then create clear reports that fully detail areas requiring attention, as well as recommendations on service providers. Guarantee your new home or current one is safe and sound with Duke Home Inspection’s licensed professionals. Schedule your appointment today.

Radon Inspection

Radon is a carcinogenic gas that can occur in any home, regardless of age or condition, and is odorless and colorless. This requires only the best radon inspection from top professionals. Our team is highly experienced and utilizes top technology to detect this dangerous toxin in homes. Call us today to receive a reliable radon test and expert tips for next steps.

Termite Inspection

Without professional inspection, termites can go unnoticed until damage has already happened. Keep your home protected from these, and all other wood-destroying insects, with a professional termite inspection from Duke Home Inspection Services. Simply add this test on to your scheduled home inspection and our team of professionals will determine whether these money-costing insects are present, as well as next steps, if necessary.